8 and 9 Inch Erections Are Not Average – But Some Guys Are Getting This Big From Hand Exercises

The most often cited measurement of a man’s size is 8 or 9 inches. These measurements are used because they sound somewhat realistic. Telling someone you have a ten inch erection does not sound realistic, and so we get the 8 inch size as the most often. Many men want to know how realistic these numbers actually are, because it just doesn’t really sound possible. This article takes a look at what real averages sizes are, and states that many men are getting much larger as a result of doing certain hand routines.

What are the normal, or average sizes that most men have; what are the cold hard facts?

Most guys are usually stunned by the fact that the average size is only 6 inches, and that the average girth is only 5 inches long. And these are erect figures, not soft or flaccid figures, as some people may have thought because of the insane amount of false information that is being spread by men and women. Considering that this is average size, it means that most men are this large, and approximately twenty five percent of guys are this size. To show exactly how delusional most people are about sizes, and really have no idea what they are talking about, if you move up to just 7 inches the percentages of men drop all the way down all the way to 10 percent.

So how many men are actually these eight and nine in sizes or even 10 inches?

Eight and nine inch erect sizes are extremely rare. The facts are that only about 7% of men have these two numbers combined. And guys who are 10 inches, are very, very rare, probably accounting for less than 1% of the total population. This translates into taking 3,000 men and having only 30 of them come anywhere near that size. And 1% is probably really pushing the possibility of these sizes. In fact these men are probably more likely around .5% of all guys. This would look more like 15 out of that three thousand people.