7 Ways on How to Increase Your Good Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol in general means its drastic effects in our body. It is actually essential for our body to continue our daily routine. Fat contents deposited in excess in heart are being removed by nice cholesterol. Plaques that are formed due to bad cholesterol in arterial walls will be removed by good cholesterol.

Many years, experts in medicine were involved in the process of lowering the bad cholesterol and getting up the level of nice cholesterol. The suggestions concluded by them are:

1. Be fitter: Regular exercising does better for well being. Involving in walking with shoes is a must. Beneficiary exercises for heart such as running, fast walking and exercises will make your body to increase the good cholesterol level.

2. Reduce weight: In case of excess of weight or obesity, we have to follow a control in diet. It does not mean that we need to avoid food to death. Rather, reduce some high caloric foods and take some balanced diet.

3. Avoid Alcohol: Not able to live without taking beer or vodka? It is terrible to take those drugs, it will be increasing bad cholesterol in our body. Avoid those drugs to lead a peace and healthy life.

4. Smoking does all harm: Right from the time of invention smoking has been linked with all diseases. It affects the liver and plays a part in bringing up the bad cholesterol in our body. Leaving smoking will make us fitter.

5. All fats are not considered to be harmful: Monounsaturated fats will be bringing up the level of good cholesterol. It is present in canola oils, olive oil, avocado oil and peanut butter.

Fish oil or omega3 is good source that will increase the good cholesterol. Omega3 is also found in fishes like tuna and salmon. Apart from fishes there some nuts and almonds that contain omega3

Apart from that we should aware about the term "partially hydrogenated vegetable oils". They too are harmful as they contain trans fatty acid that will bring up bad cholesterol.

6. Soluble fiber is to be credited. Taking lot of fruits, vegetables, oats, wheat and legumes will bring up the good cholesterol level. They contain lot of soluble fiber and will bring up the good cholesterol in our body.

7. All fruit juices are good for health but, cranberry have a special mention as it can increase the level of good cholesterol, which in turn will decrease the level of bad cholesterol.