7 Top Ranking Baby Twin Strollers


In the Internet Age one does not have to push around physically from one shop to another hunting for baby twin strollers. Everything is just the click of the mouse away. It is ideal for parent of twins who have little time to spare but want the best for the duo.

There are two styles for transporting babies – tandem and side-by-side. Some strollers are meant for children ranging from various ages but generally the demand is for the twins.

The Graco Duorider is a quality product with a comfortable price tag. It is the perfect choice for those who prefer the side-by-side stroller for the twins. Below the contraption is a spacious basket for storing, the seats are reclining and there is a protective canopy overhead. It can be maneuvered easily and stored conveniently without hassle.

Also in the market is available a stroller frame to which additional seats for two can be attached. Here the advantage is that the babies can be carried from the house to the car and vice versa without having to remove the little ones physically. But the utility is only for a short time. Once the babies exceed 25 pounds this device becomes redundant. But it is of great importance and use during some vital months.

The Duoglider is another popular model with those who like the tandem type of strollers. There are not many tandem type strollers in the market. It is durable, comfortable and convenient for infants as well as older twins. The seats are stadium styled and can accommodate the carrier seats of infants. It has a capacity of seating children up to 40 pounds each.

The Double Umbrella Stroller is lightweight and essential for those having older twins. It is sturdy, the price is easy, slim and lightweight. It can be kept in the car as a secondary stroller when the main one appears too heavy and cumbersome.

The really stylish baby twin strollers come from Maclaren. It is a side-by-side model having a five-point harness system. The seats are removable and washable. The weight is a comfortable 22 pounds.

The Combi Twin Savvy is more expensive than the models of Graco and Kolcraft. It weighs less than 22 pounds and can be adjusted to multiple positions with fully reclining position of the seats. The carrying strap is very popular with parents for loading and unloading to store it. The added feature is an optional acoustic canopy that can relay music for the child while strolling.

Another type of stroller designed in Europe is a side-by-side contraption with the special feature of having twelve wheels. These can be swiveled or fixed for easy maneuverability. The footrests are adjustable and the armrests can be removed if so required. The price is on the high side.

In a stressful life these baby twin strollers are a great blessing for those managing and handling twin bundles of job – whether at home or in nurseries. It is ideal for the person who minds the children.