7 Things to Know About Backhoe Loader Parts

Functions such as digging earth, lifting and moving supplies make backhoe loaders extremely useful in construction, landscaping, paving roads, small demolitions and so on. It is a smart piece of equipment that combines three distinct pieces of construction equipment-a tractor, a loader and a backhoe. To figure out what makes backhoe loaders such a popular piece of heavy machinery, it becomes essential to understand the contribution made by its parts to collectively result in great performance and endurance.

The standard parts of this product comprise an engine, a transmission, axles, brakes and a sturdy steel frame atop which they are all assembled. Each of these is further designed to provide great performance individually with the help of high-precision, durable components which work together in absolute harmony. Let’s have a look at some facts about backhoe loader components:

• The engine is usually diesel-powered, with a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke design that could be direct-injection, turbocharged, etc.

• The transmission carries out the important function of applying the engine power to the tractor, backhoe and loader hydraulic systems. Like in a small vehicle, here too, the transmission is enabled by shifting between gears, which can result in increased speed. In a pair of gears, if one has a larger number of teeth than the other, it revolves more slowly.

• Modern backhoe loader components normally feature planetary gear systems, which offer the advantage of striking a good balance between getting a high torque transfer and compact design, thereby positively increasing performance. Such a gear system consists of a sun gear, a ring gear and several planetary gears which rotate between them.

• A gear pump is an-oft used backhoe loader part that supplies oil to the hydraulic systems. It is also called a fixed displacement pump, as it pumps a fixed amount of fluid for every revolution. The other complex kind of pump is the hydraulic variable displacement pump.

• The axles help the wheels turn in a backhoe loader. The standard rear axle in all the well-known brands of backhoe loaders is one of particular importance, because it has to be designed thus that it becomes capable of withstanding rough terrain and harsh environmental conditions.

• The rear axle shaft, manufactured of solid steel, is responsible for imparting the power to the wheels of the machinery for driving the vehicle. Splining the inner end of the rear axle shaft helps to make it fit snugly inside the rear axle differential.

• Brakes, again, are important backhoe loader components. Hydraulically actuated, self-adjusting disc brakes are used by many top brands to ensure high performance. There could also be the added benefit of a special parking brake, applied by the operator with the help of a hand lever.