7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend to Get Her Back

1. I’m sorry.

This is the number one thing that you could say to your girlfriend, or ex for that matter. The one caveat to this rule is that you need to be sincere. An insincere apology is worse than no apology at all.

2. I was wrong.

What woman wouldn’t want to hear this? Seriously. We spend too much time wanting to be right, that even when we’re wrong we won’t admit it. Be a man and admit it. She’ll love you all the more for it.

3. How are you doing?

Do you really care about your girlfriend? If so, ask her how she’s doing.

4. Is there anything I can do to help?

Sometimes you just don’t know what we can do to fix a problem. In these cases, it’s best to ask her what she thinks you can do. Be prepared to act on whatever it is she asks for, including some space and time.

5. I know that what I did hurt you and I want to make it right.

By acknowledging that you hurt her, you’re allowing her to take ownership of her hurt. Once this ownership takes place, she’ll be able to deal with the hurt more directly. Be prepared to allow her to vent. If you can prove to her that you can listen, you have made huge strides in getting her back.

6. I regret what I did, but I don’t regret ever being with you.

This simple phrase accomplishes two things: 1) you show sorrow for what you did to hurt her, and 2) you show her that you still want to be with her.

7. I did not treat you like someone I love. Please let me start over, because I do love you.

Yeah with this one you are dropping the big L-word. But if it’s true, it’s true. Don’t be afraid to express your love. This phrase can work magic.

Try these 7 sweet things to say to your girlfriend to get her back and you’ll find yourself back in her arms. Again, I just want to remind you to be sincere.