7 Reasons Why Weight Loss Programs May Not Work for You

Weight loss programs have been dominating the internet marketing scene for several years and they continue to compete with each other emphasizing upon several aspects of the mystery behind the fat syndrome.

The basic tenets of all weight loss programs are centered on a proper mix of diet and exercise. A growing number of internet marketers is also of the firm belief that nutritional supplements in the form of pills and potions can do miracles to overweight bodies. There are some who advocate yoga as a panacea for all ills. Then there are die-hard proponents of calorie based diets that assume a minimum or maximum percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, not to forget the old school professors who remind us of the age-old balanced diet approach to healthy living.

All said and done, weight loss programs may not work for you for reasons more than one. Here are a few reasons:

1. Being overweight might not be the problem: Almost all plans start with the wrong presumption that being overweight is itself the issue. It could, in all probability, be the symptom of a problem. This necessitates the need to consult your physician first and take proper medical advice.

2. What works for others may not work for you: Not all are made equal. What works for a set of people might not actually work for you. Does it mean that you must try each and every one of those programs until one eventually works for you? Not at all. Just avoid joining the rat race unless the prognosis matches with the diagnosis. Unfortunately, most of these programs talk of prognosis and never discuss the diagnosis.

3. Individual traits and attitudes matter: Not the least important is the fact that your mindset is the toughest stumbling block that might undo the expected / promised results of these plans. It requires a lot of determination and effort to be put in to derive the promised results (if at all they work). Determination requires a strong mind and will power to follow or adopt a disciplined course of action.

4. Dieting is an expensive affair: Never underestimate the high cost of dieting! Almost all programs invariably prescribe a diet to be followed by you to achieve the promised results. Assuming that a particular really worked for you, it might not take much of a time for you to spring back to your original weight once you bid farewell to the prescribed diet and this could be taxing on you.

5. Laziness is the enemy of exercise: Generally, laziness is attributed to one being overweight. Although, it is not true all the time since several normal weight people also exhibit this trait, nevertheless, when it comes to exercising regularly, tendency of most people is to skip the same at times with a self-promise to make up for that later. Since regular exercise is an essential part of several of those plans, it requires a gritty mind to undertake the task.

6. Your environment can cause a hindrance: Apart from a mindset, things that can cause a hindrance during your proposed engagement with any diet plan are basically related to your environment. Support and encouragement from your partner and family members is a vital ingredient that will not come from the weight loss program. For a homemaker, it is indeed a tough challenge to carry out household duties while undergoing a strict diet and exercise regimen. For a working person, stress related issues could take a toll and spoil the path undertaken to reduce weight.

7. Weight loss programs are not 60-day affairs: Though the genuine ones promise to refund your money in 60 days (or less) if you do not get the promised results, it does not mean that weight loss programs are for a brief period only. The prescribed course or way of living has to be followed into the future unless, of course, you end up with a bigger problem than the original.

So, before you resolve to embark upon a weight loss program, make sure you have considered the above points carefully. Keeping your weight in check is a must for a healthy living but more important is a strong commitment and grit.