7 Reasons to Quit Smoking


Every smoker knows how hard it can be to quit smoking, but even though nicotine is a very addictive drug many people do manage to break free from cigarettes every year. If you have tried, and over half of smokers try to quit every year, then you can take heart from the fact that most people make at least 2 or 3 tries, or more, before finally being able to quit. If you can learn about what helps and what does not each time you try to quit and fail ever you will succeed.

Quitting is not easy. Many people who have quit only succeeded after several attempts, but their eventual success came from the fact that they planned in advance, were ready to quit and were prepared not to give in the violations and inducements that they encountered.

However, because more than 435,000 Americans die each year from smoking quitting is one of the most important things you will ever do and there are many reasons to encourage you. Here are a few.

1. The risk of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, early death, cataracts, and skin wrinkling will be lower and you will be healthier than the rest of your life.

2. Your senses of smell and taste will be better and you will have more energy and better focus, whiter teeth and fresher breath. Coughing less and breathing better you will feel healthier right away.

3. You will be proud of yourself, feel more in control of your life and be a better role model for others.

4. You will make your partner, friends, family, kids, grandchildren, and co-workers proud of you.

5. Others will no longer have to inhale your second-hand smoke.

6. You will be better off financially.

7. You will not have to worry about when you will be able to have your next cigarette.

There will be periods when you will not feel like quitting, but if you stick with it you will succeed and as a former smoker you will reap the health benefits.