7 Benefits of Using Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Custom point of purchase displays are a widely used marketing tool directed at impulse buyers. Aimed at capturing the attention of the target customers at the place where they actually shop, these displays are highly useful in boosting the retail sales which is a major contributor to the US GDP. According to a report by the US census bureau revenues from retail sales in the US stood at $4.48 trillion in 2007.

Considerations While Buying Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Every segment of the retail industry whether it is departmental stores, general retailers, specialty stores and discount stores is recognizing the benefits of using custom point of purchase displays. Available in various sizes, designs and styles, these displays can be customized according to a retailer’s business and the customer behavior. Factors affecting customization of displays:

* Marketing strategy of the manufacturer or the retailer

* Demography of the targeted buyers

* Targeted increase in sales

* Type of product to be displayed

* Offers being made or features that need to be highlighted

* The space availability in the store

* The theme of the store where it is to be used

* Your budget allocation for the purpose

Apart from these factors, care should be taken to choose an experienced manufacturer who can develop a customized design keeping in mind all these factors.

Benefits of Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Custom point of purchase displays are not mere display racks but highly promotional tools that aim to convince casual onlookers to buy the displayed products. This requires attracting the attention of customers present in a store and providing them information which encourages them to buy. So these displays:

* Allow a product to stand out from other products in a store

* Attract more customers and satisfy their queries or doubts

* Provide them interesting information related to offers, benefits available with a product

* Encourage them to buy

* Boost the sales of a product

* POP signs and LCD signs allow you to spread your brand message to a wider audience

* Customized displays allow a store owner to create a unique image in the minds of the customers

Custom Point of Purchase displays can be stand alone units or counter tops or digital boards, shopping trolleys and coupon dispensers. The size and design of these displays should be such that it looks attractive and unique without making a store appear cluttered.

Custom point of purchase displays go a long way in improving the sales of your products and boosting your company’s image.