6 Vaginal Odor Natural Cures to Control Or Lessen the Smell


Every woman’s vagina has a unique scent which is quite normal. At times there will be slight change in this scent because of hormonal changes, your diet or during your monthly periods which is also absolutely normal. However what is undesirable is an unusual or strong vaginal odor which can become very embarrassing. You must know and be prepared to control, or lessen, this odor to reduce your own discomfort and feel more confident. Remember a vaginal smell does not merely interfere with your personal life it is also an indication of a vaginal infection.

Are there any vaginal odor natural cures to control or lessen the smell?

Here are some of the home cures for vaginal smell relief

a) wear cotton underwear. No doubt thongs and panties made of satin make you feel good, but they do not allow air circulation in your vaginal area. This makes the vagina moist and sweaty. Moist conditions are an ideal environment for the infection causing bacteria to thrive in resulting in excessive vaginal discharge and the unpleasant smell. Sleep without any underwear at night. This will allow the vagina to breathe.

b) abstain from food which consist yeast. Some of these are bread, beer, mushrooms, and processed sugars which often are the cause of the odor.

c) eat probiotic yogurt 2-3 times a day. This is useful to eliminate the bad bacteria responsible for the smell

d) do not make use of bidets which can spray water in the vaginal area. This will only strip the vagina of the natural beneficial bacteria present in it.

e) to get rid of vaginal odor you can also make use of garlic for vaginal application. Simply push a garlic clove in the vagina to inhibit the infection. After a few hours take it out and discard it

f) another one of the popular vaginal odor natural cures is to consume fresh cranberry juice 3-4 times a day. Alternatively you can make use of cranberry pills which are easily available in most health food stores.