6 Dangerous Things in Our Daily Life

We need to know dangerous things between us. Most of them are commonly used in our everyday life. Read this article to get more information.

Do you know that your used bottle is dangerous? A used plastic bottle which is derived from polyethylene terephthalate or PET contains DEHA (a chemical that stimulate cancer disease in human body). Throw your plastic bottle away after using twice times but it will be different if you use bottle with FDA. This bottle is recommended for food and drink.

Cucumber has many advantages. One of them is cancer prevention. After eating roasted meat or food, you can eat cucumber to neutralize carcinogenic chemical from the food. You should know that roasted food contains carcinogenic chemicals.

Do you know that mixing food with another vitamin may harm your life? You may try to drink your vitamin C after eating shrimp. Reaction process between shrimp and vitamin C produces Arsenic. This chemical will kill you in a minute. It may be very trivial but it has a very dangerous effect of your body.

Are you an instant noodles lover? This information will be good for you. The reason why noodles do not stick to each other is because they are coated with wax. Eating too much instant noodle will increase your probability to have cancer. Make sure you have at least 3 days before you eat another instant noodle. Our body needs at least two days to remove it.

Paper contains Pb which harms your health. Too much Pb will cause severe ill such as   paralysis , pallor and pain. Newspaper and magazine are usually made of paper with Pb.

The last thing is Styrofoam. This polystyrene may cause severe disease such as disruption in the endocrinology human’s system. This thing also contains carcinogenic chemical.

Those are 6 dangerous things in our daily life. Hopefully, this article gives you beneficial information.