5th Disease

When it comes to diseases, there are many that can cause harm to the people. There are several diseases that are quite harmful but the best part is they are curable. However there are some diseases that are non curable and that is the point of concern. There are several diseases that are caused by viruses. One such disease is known as 5th disease. The common virus that is found in almost all the places is human parvo virus b19 and the disease that is caused because of this virus is known as 5th disease. It is an infection that is found in mostly the youths as well as the children. As per the National Infectious Center of Diseases, as many as 50% of the overall population of adults are affected by the 5th disease. The biggest problem in this disease is that as soon as the person gets attach of this virus, then chances are that he would get further attacks in the future.

The main people who get affected by this virus are the pregnant women. They are most prone to get attacked by the parvo virus b19. The main point that is worth to note is that it is not at all a serious problem as all pregnant women normally have the resistance power to fight against this virus. Not only that, in addition such protection helps the unborn child as well. Thus the women who are suffering from 5th disease can get rid of this problem naturally. However there are some exception situations, where the 5th disease gets worse and the women even lost their baby as it leads to the problem of miscarriage. The main reason why the problem of miscarriage happens is the disease known as anemia. This disease takes place in the unborn baby and effects the growth of the same. As many as 5% of overall pregnant women population is said to be affected by the parvo b19 virus.

The best way by which one can get rid of this disease is by the early detection. As like other diseases, this disease can also be cured if it is detected in the early stage. The main method by which 5th disease can be detected is with the help of the blood test. The blood test can easily detect this virus and so the person can get the required treatment well on time.

Thus, in case the women is suffering from 5th disease, the first and the most important thing that the patient should do is to consult the doctor. It is so because it is better to get early detection and cure rather than waiting for making it worse, after all it is the question of life of both the women as well as the child.