5 Ways to Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the leading diseases in the United States today. A major factor that contributes to this is the fact that most of us a high blood pressure overweight. Dozens of medications have been made to control the pressure in your blood but as with any medication, they have side effects. In this article I am going to share with you 5 ways that you can naturally control hypertension.

1) Start a regular exercise program. You would think that exercise would work against you lowering the pressure in your blood. Fact has it, exercise helps lower your pressure over time.

2) Red grapefruits are great to help you reach your goal of naturally lowering your blood pressure. The reason these work is because they have a very high content of anti-oxidants. They have a high number than other color grapefruits. So try taking red grapefruits to reach your goal of controlling your HBP.

3) Cut the amount of salt you eat. You already know it is bad for you, controlling your HBP is another reason for you to lower your salt intake. If you must use salt, I suggest you become aware of salt substitutes. These substitutes taste just like salt but don’t have sodium. Sodium is what’s bad for you so try avoiding foods that have a high sodium content.

4) Breathe. Learn to breathe properly. There are very good breathing exercises that you can do that relax your blood vessels and allow blood to flow freely with less pressure. The reduced pressure from better breathing will indeed lower the pressure in your blood.

5) Medication combined with exercise. Yes I know I said exercise above but combine the two. Sign up for a yoga class or buy a yoga DVD and pop it into your DVD player at home and follow along in the yoga classes. The yoga will cause stress to leave your body and you will enter a relaxed mode. This relaxed mode will allow for optimum breathing and relaxation of your blood vessels, which of course leads to the lowering and controlling of hypertension.