5 Tips to Reduce Arthritis Swelling and Pain

Arthritis swelling is just one of the symptoms of this chronic disease. It’s also one of the ways to find out if you really have arthritis or a related disease. Pain and swelling also result in less range of motion for the limbs affected.

There are several ways to combat this condition:

1. Exercise:

Although exercise can often mean more pain at the beginning, it’s really important because only through exercise can you increase the range of motion of the limbs and joints affected. Otherwise, you will find that you are becoming less and less flexible. If you’re concerned that regular exercise is too painful, then try yoga for starters. This gentle exercise routine is excellent in improving flexibility. Afterwards you can move onto include regular exercise.

2. Warmth (possibly cold too):

Arthritis is a disease that affects people differently. Usually applying a warm pack to the affected area brings relief. However, if this doesn’t work, try an ice pack and see what effect that has. If you have any problems with your circulation, then an ice pack isn’t for you. It’s trial and error but either warm or cold, this could definitely help reduce swelling and pain.

3. Ultrasound:

This produces gentle waves that penetrate deeply into your sore tissues and gives them warmth. It has been known to reduce pain and swelling as it increases blood flow, thus giving your body more oxygen.

4. Diet:

If you are overweight, make an effort to reduce those extra pounds. The more you weigh, the more pressure is put on your joints, so it makes perfect sense to relieve that pressure by reducing your weight. Also have a good look at the foods you eat in relation to your arthritis swelling and pain. Often zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant and even coffee produce more symptoms and pain. Just be more aware of what you eat and drink and how it affects your body and then reduce or eliminate the intake of that particular food or drink item.

5. Get Another Treatment Option – Drugs Or Natural Remedies

Visiting your doctor is always a good idea. He may prescribe a different medication for you to try. You can also visit your health food store and ask them if they can advise any supplements you can take to help with your pain and inflammation.

As you can see, you don’t just have to put up with arthritis swelling and pain, there are often simple ways you can help yourself.