5 Tips To Healing Your Fracture Faster


If you have suffered a fracture, the healing process can be excruciatingly slow. Depending on the kind of bone fracture you have suffered, your health, the type of bone affected, and other elements of your injury, healing varies from one person to the other. However, most people just want the fracture to heal fast so that they can resume their normal routines. Here are a few tips to help your fracture recover faster.

• Focus on consuming a balanced diet: Nutrition is a key aspect in healing fractures. However, most people with broken bones end up taking certain nutrients excessively or inadequately. For instance, taking too much calcium will not accelerate your healing if you are not taking adequate amounts of other nutrients. Take modest amounts of proteins, as proteins are needed in synthesizing the new bone structure. This will reduce your healing time, limit complications, and discourage further loss of bones in the affected area.

• Exercise: When you have a fracture, you probably think you need to just sit around and limit your movement as much as you can. On the contrary, you should engage in low impact exercise to increase blood flow in the fractured area. Ideally, the tissue found in fractured bones will respond to the loading and biomechanical simulation created by exercise. This will accelerate the repair and restoration of the bone. It also increases the structural strength of the affected bone. Nonetheless, avoid strenuous exercise as it may worsen your fracture.

• Massage Therapy: Apart from exercise, you can schedule regular massages to foster faster healing. The massage is done around the fracture and it increases blood circulation and fosters bone regeneration, which encourages fast healing. The massage should be done gently and as you near the fracture point, be careful because it can be quite painful if done the wrong way. Avoid massages if the fracture is too painful.

• Use Magnets: For some time now, people have used static magnets to promote faster healing of a fracture. Even though there is no scientific proof to support this claim, it will not hurt to try it. Get static magnets from a drug store and tie them around the fracture tightly and leave them for a few days. The magnets work by improving blood circulation, which is necessary for healing the fracture. Be on the look out for such side effects like nausea or dizziness and stop using the magnets immediately you experience them. You should also avoid using them in case of metal implants.

• Use electrical stimulation: This involves having an electric current passed through your fracture using electrodes. You will have to wear the electrodes all the time. This process is painless and you will not even feel the electric current. This remedy works especially if you have a stubborn fracture that is taking too long to heal. It stimulates the bone cells causing them to proliferate thus enhancing healing.