5 Tips To Effective Facebook Marketing

For those of you who are familiar with marketing online, you should know that it is essential to have the necessary knowledge and skill set in order for you to be able to generate the best results from a particular medium.

If you want to be able to effectively make use of Facebook for marketing purposes, then you need to know exactly what to do so that you will be able to generate the best results for your efforts.

In this article, I am going to show you 5 easy tips which you can use so that you can effectively reach out to your target audiences, and market to them via Facebook.

1. Profile Picture

You will want this picture to be consistent with all the other pictures you have used on the other websites that you have – This is so that people will be able to recognize that the person in the profile picture is you (and not somebody else).

Especially if you want to brand yourself, it is important that you use the same picture throughout (your websites and all your other avatar and profile pictures).

However, if it is a particular company that you want to brand, then the profile picture should be an official company logo. That way, people will be able to, at one look, recognize the company (especially if it is one that is well-known offline).

2. Websites In Profile

Depending on the access level you set (where people who are not connected with you can see your profile), the websites that you list in your profile are one of the first things that anyone will see when they first search for you.

This is the best place for you to showcase all the websites that you have. You will want to make sure that the websites you list in your profile are related to what you want your prospects to perceive you as.

One thing you also want to make sure is that, your websites look professional. As some people will look at your websites first before deciding whether or not to connect with you (via Facebook), if your website is shabby-looking, chances are, they will not want to connect with you (would you want to connect with a business with a shabby website? Of course not!)

3. Bio

Besides links to websites that you have, the next thing that people can see (again depending on the access level that you set) is your bio.

What you want to do is to write briefly what you are doing – Do not write long stories (people have no time to read through every single word in your bio). You should summarize and highlight only the most important points of your work.

You need to put in some time here to write an interesting bio, as having an interesting one will definitely get people to want to connect with you (and you being able to increase your fan base, and every single post you post will get more eyeballs ).

4. Posts

Make sure that the posts that you have are not entirely promotional. People hate to be sold to all the time, and as such, you must make sure that you do not sell to the people who are connected with you all the time.

Rather, what you should do is to have a mix of informational and personal posts, with promotional posts.

What this means that, you should also have posts where you share with people some tips, advices, and information about the niche that you are in.

Also, you will want to share with people some personal happenings in your life from time to time – Such as telling people what are you working on now. By doing so will add some "live" and "spice" to your posts (instead of just simply boring posts regarding the niche you are in).

5. Be Active

As Facebook is a social networking platform, you need to actively participate in it (if you want to get maximum results for your marketing efforts). Do not just simply post updates.

Rather, you should get out there and start commenting on peoples 'posts – By commenting, I do not mean that you should go around spamming peoples' post with useless comments, but you should write constructive ones.

It would even be better if you can help others with problems they are facing (especially those problems in the niche you are in that they are facing).