5 Tips to Cure Canker Sores

I think that canker sores are the most painful ailments ever. I never realized how much I moved my tongue and prompts until I had a canker sore. Then, I got another one. And another. By the end I had five canker sores at one time, I could not eat or swallow. It was so painful!

So I got online and started researching remedies and I decided to share what I found with the world of online canker sore sufferers. I know your pain, my friend. Here is my list!

Tip # 1 Go to the health food store and buy Lysine tablets. Lysine is an amino acid that the body does not produce on its own, you can only get it through diet. This is the remedy that my Dad uses, he swears by it. It has helped me; I think it describes to be first on the tip list.

Tip # 2 Put baking soda on the sore. I did this and it hurt, but the cold sore was immediately reduced by about half and gone the next day.

Tip # 3 Put 5-7 drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water and drink it three times a day. Grapefruit seed extract has the reputation of being an excellent anticeptic. Be warned, though, it tastes worse than awful. Use a strong juice like grape juice to disguise the flavor of the grapefruit seed extract. As a little side note, this is also my mother-in-law's cure for the common cold also!

Tip # 4 I came up with this one all by my self. It hurts like crazy, but the sore is immediately gone and the healing begins. Salt is the miracle cure. I take about one tablespoon of salt and I pack it in my mouth all around the sore. I leave it there for at least 15 minutes. It burns like crazy, probably because the salt is drawing out the poison, but it works. I put this one as number four since my husband thinks I'm crazy for going through the pain. (He has never had a canker sore before, so his opinion does not carry too much wait for me in this category!)

Tip # 5 Once your canker sore is cured, get a new toothbrush! This way you do not carry any of the bacteria that caused the canker sore and get another one.

I hope that these quick top help you heal your canker sore quickly. However, there are many people that suffer canker sores repeatedly.

Why is that?

I have found that there usually is a much larger emotional issue that causes canker sores, and when you get to the root of the emotion behind the canker sore, you can eliminate them permanently.

I'm sure this sounds like a stretch, but I'm happy to report that after several years of having canker sores every couple of months, I have not suffered from one now in over four years.

Best of health to you!