5 Simplistic Ways to Over Stress and Anxiety

There is a never ending search for ways to overcome anxiety and stress has really increased over the past couple of years. Things like work related stress, to be specific, has become more of a common occurrence due to very tough and harsh economic environment that we are currently in.

Tons of people have been losing their jobs left and right, and it does not help that the BP oil spill fiasco is putting hundreds of people out of work down in the gulf region. On the other hand if you are fortunate enough to be one of the few who have not lost their job you could be experiencing stress or anxiety in relation to if you will have a job in another month or so. As it stands at this point in time there really does not seem to be a solution in sight, so we as a society must learn how to minimize and control our anxiety and stress.

Here is a simple method’s that can be used anywhere and at anytime to minimize anxiety attacks and relieve the harmful stress that comes along with it.

• Gain Separation

This is a simple one, whatever situation that you are in you needs to figure out a way to remove yourself from that situation. Get out of the area or environment as soon as possible to help eliminate the rising tension both within you and the situation itself. Let things cool off, you will not win by letting things boil over. You will be the loser every time if you stay in a hostile environment and you will be super stressed.

Remember the age old saying “Out of sight out of mind!” This is so very true.

• Close Your Eyes

Closing your eyes for a moment or for a few minutes can survive as a immediate solution to cooling down if for some reason you are unable to leave your physical environment for a second. For example if you are in a car with a loved one and you are having a argument. Once you stop at a red light you can close your eyes for a second. What this will do is provide you with a ‘quiet’ moment for you to regain your composure. Cooler heads will always prevail when it comes to stress and or anxiety. When you cannot get the physical distance that is required for you to feel like stress factor is gone ‘escaping’ into your thoughts is the next best thing.” That is the one place in the world where no one can bother you.

• Find Solitude

If you can try to locate a calmer environment that will give you the time to process things without all the ‘static’ or disruptions you can come to expect in a busier environment. You could go to a park or go outside on the side of a building or just whatever you have access to that will give you t the solitude that you need. You will be able to “regroup” your thoughts and calmly calculate and evaluate your next move without having your emotions clouding your reasoning ability.

• Go Outside

Going outside can be one of the best things you can do when you are stressed out. There is a very calming soothing thing about just going outside and taking a walk. There is nothing like taking a walk around a park or around your neighborhood when you are feeling down.

• Breathe Deeply

Taking some nice long deep breaths may seem kind of pointless at first but it really does have a good use in eliminating stress and anxiety. All the stress and yoga problems out there all use deep breathing as a method to reliving tension. It has been proven that a increase in oxygen during a stressful period helps you to think a lot more clearly and slows up your ‘accelerated’ system by focusing on the deliberate act of breathing.

Stress and anxiety are not going anywhere anytime soon. As long as the economy is not so “hot “and people are worrying about the bp oil spill there will be stress. Once those things are resolved I am sure there will be another stressful thing that pops up somewhere somehow. So, all that we can do since these causes of stress are not going away anytime soon is to establish certain patterns of behavior that will help us as individuals cope with stressful situation a little better.