5 Shocking Facts About Heart Disease


The biggest and most infamous serial killer in America is not a clinical psychopath, it is heart disease. Heart disease has been steadily increasing since the 1950’s and seen a marked increase in the last 20 years. At one time or another someone’s life will be directly or indirectly affected by heart disease.
Below are 5 shocking facts that you should know about heart disease:

Fact One

In America alone there are over sixty million people who have one or more forms of heart disease. It we break that down into a ratio that is nearly one out of every four people with heart disease.

Fact Two

One out of every two deaths in America can be linked or directly caused by heart disease and stroke. These two diseases together have caused more deaths that all the other diseases combined together.

Fact Three

Many people think that driving can be dangerous however, you are ten times more likely to be killed by heart disease than being killed in a car accident. Although AIDS is a horrific you are thirty times less likely to die of it than you are with heart disease.

Fact Four

Heart disease is not fussy killer. Whether you are male or female heart disease does not discriminate. It also makes no difference to the color of your skin as heart disease is the biggest killer of both male and females in all ethnic and racial groups in America.

Fact Five

As well being the biggest cause of deaths heart disease costs a fortune. It is estimated that the average cost related to heart disease in America is approximately 300 billion dollars.
Even though heart disease is responsible for causing many deaths it is a preventable disease. The rise of heart disease has a lot to do with the life style that many people live today. More and more people are taking less exercise, they are eating too much and the food that they are eating is very unhealthy.The rise of the fast food culture has increased the levels of obesity in America to a stage that is soon becoming epidemic. People who are overweight or obese or at a much greater risk at developing and dying from heart disease.
As pointed out in many cases heart disease is preventable. If you are overweight or obese then you should seek help and begin to change your lifestyle. You can begin by cutting down on foods that are high in saturated fats. Eat a diet that is high in fresh vegetables and fruit and lean meats. A healthy diet should also be taken in conjunction with regular exercise. If you do this regularly you will help to reduce your risk of getting heart disease.