5 Remedies For Cold Sores

Cold sores, which are also known as fever blisters, are blisters that usually occur somewhere around the mouth or on the lips. At first they tend to ooze a bit of liquid, but they eventually scab over. They are caused by herpes and they not only look bad, but they are painful as well. You’ll find that no cure for this problem is available and they can keep coming back, but there are remedies for cold sores out there. Various things can bring on these cold sores, such as colds, the sun, or stress. So, if you want to get rid of them as soon as you can, here are a few remedies that can help.

Remedy #1 – Try Aloe Juice – One excellent remedy that can really help to get rid of the cold sores that you are dealing with is aloe juice. When you first notice the first symptoms of a cold sore, if you can use this remedy, it can really help. Simply take some of the juice from the aloe plant or some gel from the aloe plant and put it on the area that has been affected. This is best used when the sore is first coming on, but it can also help later on after the sore has shown up. It’s easy to use and you can carry some of the aloe gel wherever you go so you can keep applying it for the best results.

Remedy #2 – Take Plenty of Vitamin C – Another simple idea if you’re looking for remedies for cold sores, is to take plenty of Vitamin C when you are trying to get rid of one of these sores. You should take about 500 mg of the vitamin on a daily basis. This can help to boost your immune system, which in turn helps you to get rid of these sores that you are dealing with.

Remedy #3 – Eat Yogurt – Eating yogurt is another great remedy that can help you get rid of a nasty cold sore. Yogurt that has live acidophilus in it is great for helping cold sores. However, any yogurt that has been heat treated is not going to work for you. Many people who eat yogurt on a regular basis rarely end up dealing with a cold sore. So, it seems to help the immune system to keep them at bay.

Remedy #4 – Take More Zinc – Zinc is a mineral that can help the cold sores to go away faster. You can actually apply it right on the cold sore to help it to heal a lot faster. Taking some zinc in tablet form can also help. You can take about 60 mg or less each day for a week, but after that you should not be taking any more than 15mg a day unless you clear it with your doctor.

Remedy #5 – Ice the Sore – When it comes to remedies for cold sores, you’ll find that ice can be a life saver. Just holding some ice on the sore can really help. It helps to numb the area so it isn’t as painful and can help to get rid of some of the inflammation as well. When you first feel the cold sore coming on, it’s a great idea to ice the area about every 10 minutes for awhile. Often this can keep the cold sore from getting bad.