5 Premature Ejaculation Cures


The point of this article is to show you some simple premature ejaculation cures that are 100% natural. It’s too easy these days to get caught up into thinking that the cure like most other things lies in a pill. The truth is there are many 100% natural premature ejaculation cures.

So let me outline some of them for you quickly…

1 – Go For A Deep Thrust

This is a great premature ejaculation cure. When you thrust deep and stay deep inside your woman you keep the most sensitive part of your penis (the end) away from the most stimulating part of her vagina (the entry point). By reducing stimulation to the most sensitive part of your penis you can easily last longer.

2 – Go For Standing

When having sex try a standing up position. If you can pick her up then great, if not just find a position that involves you standing up. This works so well, because by standing up you put pressure on parts of your body like the legs which draws blood and attention away from your penis, helping you last longer.

3 – Get Her To Orgasm First

One definition of premature ejaculation is orgasming before your partner does. This means dead simple way to overcome premature ejaculation is to get your woman to orgasm quicker. This is easily done by taking a little extra time on foreplay and building up anticipation for sex. If you get her to orgasm before you even start sex even if you orgasm early you don’t have to worry that much about it.

4 – Stroke The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue

This is a weird little cure, but it works. By stroking the top of your mouth with your tongue you distract yourself from all the sexual pleasure happening further down your body. This distraction can be great for helping you last longer.

5 – Become More Sensitive

Most men don’t have a clue if they’re close to orgasm or not. You cannot afford to be one of those men. You’ve got to know way ahead of time if you’re getting close to orgasm. All it takes to do this is to be more aware. And when you know further ahead of time that you’re about to orgasm you can take corrective action like slow things down, change positions, stop and give her oral sex or anything else to give yourself a quick break so you can recharge your stamina and get right back to it.

So you see, premature ejaculation cures doesn’t just mean pills, creams or special condoms, they can be 100% natural and they work forever too.