5 Most Recommended Natural Anxiety Remedies


Close to 10% of the world population is suffering from some sort of panic disorder. Consequently, there is a wide variety of scientific along with natural anxiety remedies offered.

Panic attacks often ruin an individual’s entire lifestyle. Of all treatments, prescription medications deliver the speediest comfort. Many affected individuals will for that reason opt for this sort of medication.

Unfortunately, prescribed drugs are addictive. This means sufferers are incredibly likely to become highly reliant on them. There are also dangerous side effects linked with the use of such medication, including depression.

Fearing the undesirable side effects from anxiety disorder medication, many sufferers in recent times are more inclined to look for help from natural anxiety remedies. The most significant benefit of natural anxiety remedies is not that its use does not lead to undesirable side effects, but that it actually offers long-lasting and in most cases permanent cure.

There are many different types of natural anxiety remedies. More often than not, the treatment method will require an assortment of natural remedies. Here we examine the 5 most recommended natural remedies.

1. Dietary Habits

No one food will eliminate anxiety attacks, but being mindful of the items you consume will significantly help to reduce the occurrence of panic disorder and limit its duration. Alcohol, caffeine, sugary food should be avoided because they contain simple carbohydrates that normally over excite a person’s system and often lead to anxiety. Conversely, complex carbohydrates found in wheat grain have a calming effect on the body system.

2. Relaxation Exercises

De-stressing via relaxation exercises such as Taiji, Qi Gong, Yoga and Pilates are highly recommend. These routines may seem very gentle, but they do wonders in reinstating your body’s energy and blood circulation and keeping a person in tip-top health.

3. Herbal Concoction

Herbal formula are extremely common natural anxiety remedies. Research has learned that they work just like medications, but without the nasty side effects.

4. Complementary Therapies

These are very commonly use as part of the treatment program. Strictly speaking, these are not cures, but complements So they tend to be used in addition to other natural anxiety remedies. There are several types of complementary therapies which includes, massages, acupressure and tuina.

5. Psychiatric Therapy

Anxiety disorder is not a mental or physical illness. Instead, it is a habit condition which is totally treatable. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT for brief is a verified method that has been widely used to treat anxiety disorder. In fact among all natural anxiety remedies, this is the most powerful treatment method. CBT identifies the cycle and pattern of feelings, emotions and events that happens prior and during panic attacks and attempts to break the cycle. In CBT, the therapist will have regular sessions with the affected person to identify the specific thoughts, emotions and events that occurred before and during panic attacks. Having followed and monitored these triggers, the therapist will work on developing a system that will break the cycle of these unfavorable thoughts, emotions and factors which the affected individual can carry out and permanently eliminate panic attacks.