5 Magic Keys You Need to Unlock the Secret of How Not to Become Another Obesity Statistic

If you are wondering what you have to do in order to stop gaining weight and becoming part of the obese statistics, you need to understand that those keys you need to master in your mind before you can turn the corner and never look back. You have been looking over your shoulder a long time wondering if you have a specific problem or if it's just the motivation. Do you need and want to be happy with who you are? Follow these 5 keys and start seeing the new you in a different light. Here they are:

  1. Lose weight each and every time you eat or drink . Be smart and know that what goes in your mouth is up to you. Look at everything you eat or drink and tell yourself that the only reason you are eating or drinking this "product" is to help you get to where you want to go. How does eating a Big Mac help you get to where you want to go? Can you answer that question? When I eat one now, I really enjoy it because I think how wonderful it tastes and that I am using it to reward myself. The reason I eat one has nothing to do with basic nutritional value but it sure satisfies my reward button and tells me that I am doing great. Do you understand how this can be valuable? I no longer eat a Big Mac just for the fun of it or on the run. Every time I eat one now it is for pure enjoyment. I love Big Macs, for the right reasons. Do you understand?
  2. Create a habit that lasts a lifetime, with very little change in your lifestyle . If you have been gaining weight a little at a time because worry about how quickly it needs to come off? You have the rest of your life to change your habits. Just do it one day at a time. Tell yourself that you are doing great every time you are ready for bed and never look back.
  3. Set yourself up for guaranteed success . Never eat something you do not like. Never compromise your taste buds for weight loss. Everything you eat or drink must be great and I really mean that. Set your standards high and never compromise
  4. Automatically reach your natural weight. Do not hurry, you have and want the rest of your life to be your measure. Think success at all times and visualize what your are becoming every day.
  5. Stop dieting forever. You will never diet again, promise yourself?

Food for thought.