5 Herbs That Can Help You Sleep

You’ve probably seen ads for a bunch of different sleep aids. They’re all over TV and in many magazines – some are by prescription only, others are over the counter. If you don’t want to take chemicals to help you sleep, however, there are some alternatives.

One of the more popular alternatives to medication are herbs. There are a number of natural supplements that can help you to relax and sleep better at night. While many of these remedies haven’t been clinically proven to improve sleep, they have been used for many years in various other cultures with excellent results.

The following are 5 of the most effective herbal remedies for improving your sleep:

1. German Chamomile

This is probably the most widely recognized herbal sleep remedy currently – chamomile tea. Simply brew yourself a cup of this tea and drink it before going to bed. Plus, you can drink it during the day to help unwind, something that most medications can’t offer.

2. Catnip

It may sound kind of crazy but this herb that causes cats to get hyper can actually help calm you down. It contains chemicals similar to those in valerian root, another herbal sleep remedy. It can be brewed as a tea or taken in the form of a liquid extract.

3. Valerian Root

One of the oldest herbal sleep remedies, valerian root is somewhat unique in that it has been the subject of several trials that have shown it does help people get a better night’s sleep. It can be found in pill, liquid or tea form.

4. Lavendar

Lavendar is quite powerful, in fact it has been shown to reduce and even reverse the effects of caffeine in some people. This herb can come in the form of a tea or as an essential oil that can be used in a bath, in potpourri or even used as a massage oil.

5. Lemon Balm

This herb is often grown in gardens for its lemon scent but it is also quite effective at calming your nerves. It is available as a tea, in capsules or as a liquid extract.