5 Helpful Tips on How to Manage Tonsil Crypts and Tonsil Stones That May Cause Bad Breath

Do you often get a sore throat? Do you feel that you may have bad breath? If so, chances are you may could suffer from cryptic tonsils. Your tonsils are situated on either side of your throat towards the back. They act as part of your immune system, filtering harmful microorganisms and stopping them enter your body. If your tonsils get inflamed they may develop small hidden pockets (crypts) in which food particles and other debris can get trapped. Many cases of chronic cryptic tonsillitis are often mild and do not require surgery.

Tonsil crypts are small pockets on the tonsils that will trap food particles, dead cells and bacteria and in time will form into small white-colored growths called tonsillitis (also known as tonsil stones). Cryptic tonsils are a common cause of bad breath. Quite often, if you have tonsil crypts your bad breath will be accompanied by a persistent sore throat.

5 tips to help prevent tonsil crypts and stones and how to treat them.

1 – Try to eliminate dairy from your diet or limit its intake. It encourages the buildup of mucous and calcium which can cause tonsil stones.
2 – Avoid eating before going to bed. Food particles lying around your mouth while you're sleeping can buildup in the tonsils.
3 – Use a tongue scraper daily or brush your tongue regularly with a toothbrush.
4 – Gargle with salt water or mouthwash for at least three minutes morning and evening.
5 – Limit your intake of caffeine

Here's an effective 3 step method to make a mouthwash to help deal with tonsil stones.

1 – Mix one part water, one part mouth rinse (any brand / flavor), and one part hydrogen peroxide in a cup. (Make sure its only one part)
2 – Gargle, making sure to allow the mixture to cover the entire tonsil area.
3 – Rinse mouth out thoroughly with water.

Tonsils stones can be an annoying condition and if left can cause bad breath. The above advice will help keep your tonsils clean and fresh and will make sure that any tonsil crypts you do develop are cleansed regularly. If you are concerned about tonsil stones then make an appointment to see your ENT specialist or doctor.