5 Great Koozie Ideas


A koozie is a super way to keep your beer / drink cool, especially on warm days when you are outdoors enjoying the scenery. They are available in a variety of great personalized designs so you can have one made that fits your personality. Having a koozie does more than just keep your drinks cold. They serve as a way to hold onto slippery cans of drinks and to help you identify yours when many others have their drinks in the same area. Some koozies are even designed to work on very short bottles.

Koozies are fantastic party favors for all your guests to enjoy. If you are having a wedding reception considering getting koozies made that have your names and wedding date. Halloween is a common time when parties are held for children. You can get Koozie's with the children's name and even Halloween designs on them. Fourth of July and Birthdays are great koozie opportunities also. You can make personalized Koozies for both children and adults with fun sayings. You can have then say something like Bill Never Leaves Home Without His Koozie or Stacey's! Do not Touch! Many people take basic Koozies and customize them even further by gluing on their own pictures of fun moments.

Koozies make a great personalized gift for new parents or new grandparents. You can include the name and birthdate of the new addition. If you want you can even have a baby themed picture added to it. There is also the option of adding the baby's own picture. The happy parent can keep in their keepsake chest for many years. Many companies hold company picnics and Christmas parties to show their appreciation for their employees. Customized Koozies with the employee's names on them make a great gift for the evening. You can also offer them with the information for the business. What better way to have phone number and website address available.

Koozies are not very expensive so you can easily have several printed up with your company information. Give them away as part of proposals or even toss them to the crowd during a local parade or concert. This is a great method of advertising without having to spend too much money. It is also quite original and each time the Koozie gets used they will see your information. The internet is a great place to find someone to make your customized Koozies.

In most cases you will get a great discount if you buy a large number of them. It does take several weeks to get them completed so make sure you order them early. Koozies are not just keeping your drinks cold anymore they offer you a fun and personal way to share the fun with others. You can also protect your drink from the hands of someone else when there are so many different drinks in one area. There are also Koozies for bottles including basic sized water bottles and various size bottlenecks such as beer bottles.