5 Easy Ways To Last Longer In Bed (Highly Effective)


If you want to know some easy ways to last longer in bed you’ve come to the right place.

Below I’m going to share with you some dead simple strategies and techniques to help men even the most severe cases of premature ejaculation.

Now pay attention, because what you’re about to learn is highly effective…

1 – Become Pleasure Sensitive

During sex start noticing and paying attention to just how close you are to orgasm. This way, when you do start getting close to orgasm you can take corrective action and prevent it (using the strategies in this article), rather than do what most men do and just keep on doing what they’re doing at the same rate until it’s too late. 

2 – Use Tactical Position Changing 

One great way of taking advantage of pleasure sensitivity is in using tactical position changing. When you find yourself close to orgasm just change positions. When you change positions you have a chance to withdraw your penis from her, which gives you a little break in stimulation. This break can help you recover stamina so you’ll be ready to go again for longer. 

3 – Go For A Deep Thrust

When you thrust deep inside your woman you do something very effective in helping you last longer in bed; you keep the most sensitive part of your penis (the end) away from the most stimulating part of her vagina (the entrance). By keeping these two apart you reduce your overall stimulation meaning you can last longer before orgasm. You can keep thrusting in and out an inch or two though, to keep the pleasure up for her. 

4 – Use A Standing Up Position 

One of the easy ways to last longer in bed is to use a standing up position. You’ll find that it’s easier to last longer in a standing up position, because you’re having to spend energy and focus on parts of your body other than thrusting. In standing up blood will have to flow to your legs to keep you in position and all this energy that’s drawn away from your penis is highly effective in helping you last longer in bed.

5 – Urinate Before Sex 

Having a full bladder can promote premature ejaculation. So one of the easy ways to last longer in bed is to just urinate before sex. This empties your bladder, which means the pressure on your genitals are reduced, so lasting longer in bed becomes easy. 

So there are 5 easy ways to last longer in bed that are highly effective. I recommend you put them to work tonight.