5 Easy Ways To Fight Depression

Most people nowadays are having difficult, troubled and extremely stressed times and it’s easy to find yourself depressed. Depression doesn’t choose its victim. Even rich and successful people often find themselves drowned and drained because of it. Sadly, depression is capable of taking your life or someone else’s. Even if you can endure it physically, it’s still effective in sucking the life out of you. Fortunately, there are ways to combat depression before it gets worse. In addition to getting help from your doctor or therapist, here are some things that you can do to feel better.

  • Exercise. People who are depressed don’t have the drive for physical activities. Most of them just want to lock themselves in their rooms and stay in bed. Doing so would just make things worse. Exercise can help remedy that by stimulating the body to produce endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain and stress fighters, and can give you that natural high without leading to addiction. So whenever you’re feeling down, get up and have a walk, jog, dance, or bike if you prefer. Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation will do wonders as well.
  • Eat right. Depression can lead to loss of appetite, or in some cases, overeating. Either way, it’s not healthy. Be mindful of what you eat. Have a balanced diet and stick to fruits and vegetables. Dark chocolate for dessert is also a good choice as it contains antioxidants, boosts endorphin levels and also contains serotonin which is the body’s natural antidepressant. But be careful not to overindulge.
  • Get out more. It may not be applicable at all times especially during a bad weather, but if you have a chance to go out then do so. Visit old places that remind you of fun memories or new places that can give a refreshed feeling such as the beach or somewhere with a beautiful scenery. If you can have someone accompany you the better. Breathe in fresh air, absorb the warmth of the sunlight and enjoy the beauty of nature. You are born to enjoy these things.
  • Express yourself. Depression blocks a person’s creativity. Whether painting, singing, playing music, writing, or simply imagining, these talents simply do not work when depressed. Forcing your creative juices to flow mostly results to frustration and can lead to further depression. Find a different way to express yourself. If you can’t paint the picture that you want, then visit an art gallery and get inspiration. Listen to music. Read a funny book or watch a funny movie with a friend. Expose yourself to things that can bring you happiness or laughter. Happiness is still inside you even if you’re depressed. You just have to help yourself let it out.
  • Find a spiritual connection. You were born surrounded by people who love you. They took care of you and filled you with love and happiness. Never forget that you are important, loved and you are not alone. Find these people and connect with them. Be honest with your feelings and let it out. Family and friends can give you insights and advice which can help you clear things up in your head. Most of the time, their presence alone is enough to give you a sense of security. Do not let depression shut you out from the world. Lastly, do not forget to pray. If you’re alone, now is the time to connect to God. Talk to him, cry if you have to. Depression is like a caged animal who’s desperate to get out. The more you keep it in, the more it’s going to destroy you from the inside. Let go and let God.

These are just some of the ways that can help you fight depression. Reading this guide alone will not help much, you must get up and act on it. It’s never too late to find happiness in whatever situation you may be.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?

~Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Feel free to talk to us. If you have advice or suggestions that you would like to share to our readers about depression, do not hesitate to right it down in the comments. Let’s help each other discover a healthier and happier life.