5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Have you been trying to conceive for a while? Do you have some doubt that by now you have a minute, little microscopic life growing within you? If yes, then it is the right time to know about the earliest pregnancy symptoms. These pregnancy symptoms will help you to judge whether or not you are pregnant.

I’m going to jot down here the most common and apparent pregnancy symptoms. Have a look at these and you’ll be very easily able to evaluate yourself.

Missed period

The most common and the foremost pregnancy symptom is the missed period. Yes I agree! it can also happen because of change in weight, birth control pills or stress. If you fall into any of the above case your menstrual period will start within next 8 days. If not then there are bright chances that you are pregnant.

Light spotting

Here I would like to explain altered menstruation. A pregnant woman may have slight bleeding around the days of her menstrual period. The reason behind is that a tiny zygote is trying to implant itself in the uterus. This zygote may be very persistent in its efforts. Its strenuous efforts may result in slight spotting. This pregnancy symptom though is very common but very confusing. If the bleeding is enough to fill the pads and tampons than this is the indication that you are not pregnant.

Frequent Urination

The uterus soon after conception starts making a place for a new life. The expanding uterus puts the pressure on the bladder. This pressure may result in the frequent urge to urinate. So if your urge to urinate has increased in the past few weeks you can consider it a pregnancy symptom.

Heart burns

Some women experience heart burns very early in the pregnancy. How hurt burn could be related to pregnancy? The answer is that the expanding uterus puts pressure upward as well. Furthermore the increased level of hormones hampers the process of digestion. This results in increase in stomach acids which in turn leads to acidity and heart burns.


Earlier in the pregnancy some women have some   fainting  spells. The reason behind this is the expanding uterus. This expanding uterus is putting pressure on the entire system of the body. This pressure leads to a compression in the arteries of the legs as a result the blood pressure falls down. This steep fall in the blood pressure give rise to the dizziness. Thus dizziness is also one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms.