5 Direct Consequences Of Irresponsible Driving

We hear every day about road accidents and people dying because of it. If you happen to drink or are intoxicated with anything else, better abstain from driving unless you are looking for reasons to hire a DUI attorney. There many citations you could receive during inebriated driving some easy to shake off, and some that could land you in prison. While prevention is better than cure, in case you ever find yourself in trouble look up the directory of DUI lawyers for immediate help.

What would be the consequences that would befall you when caught under the Driving under Influence clause? Plenty, it could be as serious as manslaughter, or as light as speeding or not wearing your seatbelt. The light offences would attract large fines that range from $100 to as much as $5000; the more serious ones would be referred to the court.

Your driver’s license might be suspended ranging from 30 days to one year. Sometimes, the license can be withheld or revoked indefinitely. In such cases, you could still drive your car, but only under restricted license, for example, over a per-defined minimum and important distance such as from children’s school home and back. It would depend upon the severity of the offence committed, whether you need the best professional in the town, or just anyone who practices law.

Law enforcement is not always the worst you would have to worry about when driving irresponsibly. What if you hit someone and that someone is crippled for life, or worse dies as a result of the accident? How would you live with yourself for the rest of your life? What if someone dear to you who would be traveling with you in the car, is hurt badly or dies?

What if you are crippled or paralyzed as a result of an accident following DUI? Imagine yourself losing your job, money, security and sometimes even your family – all because you did not pay attention to the law and the safety clauses it imposes on drivers. What if owing to such driving you lose your life? Does your family deserve such pain? Would you really like to put your dear one through such a situation?

As you see, there is more to worry about than being caught by the law. Why tempt fate? Ensure that you are safe 100 percent. If you have to drink and enjoy yourself, make alternate arrangements to go back home; leave your car where it is and don’t attempt to get behind the wheel.

Alcohol heavily impairs your reflexes and judgment. You can take a trial and see yourself. Have one or a group of friends who do not drink participate in this test. Take a pen and paper and write one sentence – I can drink and drive – on it before you start drinking. Also write down the time and how much you drank when you wrote the sentence. You will see that after the 5th/ 6th glass, your handwriting would go haywire, though you would feel “perfectly fine”.

Take a close look at that paper the next day morning, when you are sober. You will realize without doubt how dangerous it is to drink and drive.