5 Anti-Aging Vitamins To Reverse The Clock On Life

There is not a single person who has been able to escape time. It makes itself most conspicuous in those wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and saggy skin. This is true, but you can at least try to delay these ugly signs of aging. Using the right vitamins either orally or topically is the key to firm up loose skin, improve its tone and reduce the appearance of age-related wrinkles.

So, here’s a list of the 5 anti-aging vitamins with their benefits. Include them in your diet and skin care routine if you want to preserve your youthful radiance for a few more years.

1. Vitamin C – Boosts Collagen and Fades Brown Spots

Vitamin C is well-known as a remedy for common colds as it boosts the immune system. It is also one of the important anti-aging nutrients on the market. It delays aging by increasing the production of collagen, at the same improving its quality. It protects your skin against sun damage by inhibiting the action of free radicals. Vitamin C also fades brown spots and evens out the skin tone and texture. An antioxidant itself, it helps in the synthesis of other antioxidants. Citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables are a good source of Vitamin C.

2. Vitamin E – Quells Dryness

Vitamin E is also known for its anti-aging qualities. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects the cell membranes against UV damage. For this same reason, it is a chief ingredient in sunscreen lotions. Vitamin E contained in creams and lotions repairs dry, dull and cracked skin and infuses moisture for a supple look and feel. Nuts, seeds (sunflower seeds), vegetable oils, avocados and green leafy vegetables contain Vitamin E in abundance. It is also available in varied topical applications and supplements.

3. Vitamin K – Helps Under Eye Dark Circles

Tired raccoon-like eyes are a part and parcel of growing old. And while we attribute it to lack of sleep, it might in reality be the result of a deficiency of vitamin K. Very often fragile capillaries rupture and cause blood to leak into the surrounding skin. Vitamin K lightens under-eye dark circles by constricting capillaries and dissolving blood clots. The human body does not produce Vitamin K in large amounts and therefore has to be supplied externally either through diet, supplements of creams.

4. Vitamin B3 –

Vitamin B3 or Niacin counteracts the effects of aging by working inside out. It reinforces the outer protective barrier of skin by boosting the production of ceramides and fatty acids. As such, it locks moisture in and keeps skin irritants out. Additionally, it sloughs off dead skin cells and promotes cell repair and renewal.

5. Vitamin A – The All-round Age Fighter

When it comes to defying age, there is no match for Vitamin A. Vitamin A in the form of Retinol is a chief ingredient in most over-the-counter lotions, night creams and prescriptions products. Vitamin A helps you age gracefully by reducing wrinkles, fading brown spots and smoothing skin roughness. This antioxidant also neutralizes the damaging effects of oxidation caused by free radicals. It also helps with under-eye dark circles as it thickens the skin around and under the eyes.