4 Ways To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones

What are Tonsil stones?

Some people are already to get tonsil stones. When harmful substance gets accumulated in the mouth, it forms lumps of hard mass. This when ignored hardens further and takes the texture of stones which are known as tonsil stones. The condition is also known as tonsilloliths. These stones are usually small in size but in some cases they tend to grow and become big.

Symptoms and signs

Small tonsil stones generally do not have obvious symptoms. Still some of the associated symptoms are throat tightening, a metallic taste, chocking or coughing fits.

But larger stones have numerous symptoms like tonsillitis, bad breath, difficulty in swallowing, sensation of some foreign body stuck at the back of the throat, ear ache, sore throat, presence of white particles and bad taste.

4 ways to remove these stones

Appropriate methods depend on how big the size of the stone is. Still four best ways to get rid of these stones are;

1) Use of swabs and picks – Most people choose to remove the se stones easily with the help of swabs and picks.

2) Use of medicine dropper – If the stone is small in size you can also suck it out with the help of a medicine dropper.

3) Use of antibiotics – If you are not able to correct the problem yourself then you have to take the help of various antibiotics, but remember one thing that use of antibiotics has several side effects.

4) Surgical method – When the stone is too big in size and lodged stubbornly inside the tissues of the tonsil then you need to take professional help. You need to go for tonsillectomy which means removing the tonsils. Although it is the most drastic step but in case of larger stones it is the last resort and considered most effective.

Home remedies to remove tonsil stones

Apart from the above techniques in case of small stones you can go for certain natural tonsil remedy;

– Vinegar gargle – Calcium is the mineral which binds these tonsil stones and vinegar is a good dissolvent of calcium. His gargling with vinegar dissolved in warm water helps to break up the stones and predictions reformation.

– Consume probiotic yogurt – Tonsil stones contain sulfur that produces bacteria which gives out a foul smell. When we consume sugar-free probiotic yogurt which is full of good bacteria they fight with the bad bacteria and helps us to do away with the bad odor.

– Aloe Vera and lemon juice – Aloe Vera gel which is used to clean the tongue removs tonsil stones naturally. Lemon has vitamin C which also helps us to get rid of stones.

– Garlic chewing- Garlic is considered as an excellent remedy because of it's antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties. So if you chew few cloves of raw garlic it will treat the stones naturally.

So never ignore tonsil stones or you will turn out to be a social outcast. Follow the above methods and deal with them effectively.