4 Things You Should Know About Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin. It was discovered by Henrik Dam in 1929 when he realized that a compound in cholesterol could prevent bleeding. In this article I am going to be covering this vitamin in greater detail by providing you with four things you should know about vitamin K.

1) IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR PROPER WOUND HEALING: – As I mentioned above vitamin K was discovered as a compound that could help prevent bleeding. Since then research has revealed that it is needed by the body for blood to clot properly. Without it even the smallest cut will bleed continuously. Therefore, if you notice that any cuts you get take longer than normal to heal you are not getting enough of this vitamin.

2) GREENS ARE THE BEST SOURCE OF THIS VITAMIN: – Green, leafy vegetables including broccoli, cabbage and spinach all contain high levels of this vitamin. If vegetables are not your thing then green tea is another good source. If you really can not stand greens in any form then eggs, milk and liver all contain lower levels of vitamin K. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for this vitamin is 0.08g for men and 0.06g for women so if you are not currently eating any of the above foods now is the time to start.

3) A DEFICIENCY CAN BE CAUSED BY A NUMBER OF FACTORS: – Most vitamin deficiencies are the result of not consuming enough. However, this is not the only thing that can cause a vitamin K deficiency. Antibiotics and anticoagulants (medicines that thin the blood) can prevent your body absorbing this vitamin. Furthermore, certain diseases can inhibit your body's ability to use this vitamin. In these scenarios supplementation may be required so that you can get your RDA.

4) NOT GETTING ENOUGH AFFECTS YOUR BLOOD AND BONES: – Not getting enough vitamin K can make your bones weak causing them to fracture more easily. In the worst cases it can prevent your blood clotting and cause constant, heavy bleeding from areas including your eyes and gums. Therefore, if you want to avoid these undesirable symptoms make sure that you get your RDA of this vitamin.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of vitamin K. It is essential for the healing of wounds and a deficiency can be very damaging so make sure you get the RDA.