4 Simple Tips to Help Heal Fractured Bones

Have you recently broken your bone? Is it currently in a sling or plaster? If it is, then here are 4 easy effective tips to help heal your fractured bones faster!

1. Drink green tea

Green tea is an effective and easy way to make broken bones heal faster. Green tea makes you heal faster because green tea contains anti-oxidants and herbal compounds which increase blood flow to injured parts of your body. An increased blow flow to injured parts of the body helps body tissue or bones heal faster. Traditional Chinese medicine have use green tea for centuries to help bones heal.

2. Massage

Massaging near the affected area of fracture will significantly make your bones heal better. This is because you increase blood flow to the fracture and it also helps stimulate bone growth to the area. When massaging near the fracture point, be careful not to massage very hard or painful. If you do, you may fracture or damage the bone even more. So do not massage if it feels painful.

3. Bathe your broken bone in warm sea water

Sea water has been used in many cultures to help calm inflammation and promote bone healing for centuries. Sea water is especially effective if the water is warm. This is because sea water helps to make the skin become more hygienic and clean which also helps to sterilise or prevent infection of the fractured bones.

4. Gentle static strengthening exercises

When your bones are still healing, it is important to keep the muscles, tendons and ligaments around the bone to be strong and healthy. Bones are generally more stronger and are more durable if the muscles surrounding the bones are very strong also. If muscles aren’t used often, they tend to waste away very quickly. So to have a fast recovery and stronger bones, you should strengthen your muscles around your bones as much as you can.

To strengthen the muscles without damaging your bones, you should strengthen these muscles without moving any of your bones. A simple way of exercising these muscles is called static strengthening. To do a static strengthening exercise is easy. All you need to do is not to move your joints at all and tense up the muscles around your fractured bones. If you struggle to stop your joints from moving, you should hold your joints in one position by getting someone to hold your joints from moving or using a joint splint and then tensing your muscles up. You should hold this tension for at least 30 seconds and repeat as often as you can.