4 Secret Ways to Catch Crabs

Do you know what is the best way to catch crabs? Crabbing is a fun and the best thing about it is that you can eat the crab after you catch it. Crabs are mysterious creatures that tend to eat rotten flesh and other food. Here are several ways you can catch crabs easily:

1. Drop a crab net down a jetty. This is perhaps the easiest method to catch them. All you need to do is to put a bait inside the crab net, throw the net down and wait a while until the crab goes inside the net. It doesn’t require much effort and you don’t need to get your legs dirty or wet. Your hands might get bitten so make sure you always wear gloves and don’t catch crabs that are too small. You want to preserve the small crabs so they can reproduce.

2. Walk along the coast and try to pick up crabs with your hands or a rake. Picking up the crab with a rake is the best way to catch crabs because you have better reach and your hands don’t get bitten. However, make sure you go with a partner because you can sometimes get caught in deep water and your friend can help you.

3. Snorkeling for crabs. When you snorkel, make sure you wear rubber gloves so you don’t get bitten and protect you from getting cuts.

4. Use a fishing line. This is perhaps the hardest way to catch crabs. You need to have a big smelly bait like a fish head and dunk it down the water. The problem with using a fishing line is that the crab can easily get away.