4 Poisonous Foods for Dogs

Despite having immensely strong stomachs that can usually tackle something dragged out of a garbage can, there are a lot of things that are toxic to a dog and even potentially lethal if consumed. Many of them are not just human foods, but things that appear around your house that you would not normally expect a dog to eat. The following is a list of things that you should try to keep secure or away from your dog.

Human Foods

While dogs can take on a lot of human foods and digest them fine, there are some that they should not eat. These include, chocolate, onions, certain grains, garlic, alcohol, and some are careful about feeding pork, among other foods. Certain foods contain chemicals (such as theobromine in chocolate) and acidic qualities like in the comments that can cause problems from gas and indigestion all the way to the liver and pancreatic problems. While a very small amount will not needlessly kill your dog, it does not do him any good, so it is best to try these items and others from him.


Of course, any drug can be dangerous for dogs. As with children who do not know any better, a dog can get into medications if they are left out or if they are thrown into the trash. Some dogs may just be chewing on the bottle when it breaks and so they accidently swallow some. Always keep medications, even as much as antacids and children's medicine, locked securely in a high cabinet that is out of reach.


Many household plants and shrubs are poisonous to dogs as well. Canines will sometimes munch on the greenery as they do grass outside, in an attempt to settle their stomachs. But some of these plants have toxins that can cause sickness in dogs. The most common plants include ferns, daffodil bulbs, lilies, and dracaena. There are also certain garden plants that may be growing outside that can harm them, such as Ivy / vines, Yew, Foxgloves, Onion, and Tomato plants among many others. It is a good idea to read up on what can potentially harm your dog.

Household cleaners

You would not normally expect your dog to get into your household cleaners, but with the brightly colored plastic bottle and the fact they are kept in a low cupboard under the sink, your dog could mistake them for toys and start to play and chew. Anything containing chemicals is harmful, especially bleach and anything like drain cleaner or oven cleaner are lethal. If you suspect your dog has been playing with anything (telltale sign would have tooth marks on the bottle) you must call a vet and animal poison control for advice and help. It can mean the difference in his life when it comes to domestic cleaners.

Dogs, like children, can get into trouble easily, and they will usually find anything that you didnt want them too! Therefore, you must always dog-proof your house before getting a dog and just practice common sense from there on, by keeping things safe and secure and out of paws-reach! However, even then they can still get into mischief and swallow something they should not so always be aware.