4 Major Chronic Bronchitis Symptoms

Chronic bronchitis is considered as a kind of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). While it is curable, it is a long-term condition which hardly ever goes away completely. People having this condition may experience discomforts for two or three months in a year. So as to identify this ailment, doctors make use of a chest x-ray, stethoscope, blood test and lung function test. Chronic bronchitis can also be diagnosed by simply paying attention to the symptoms which are linked to the condition.


Cough is a very common manifestation of chronic bronchitis. Coughing generates a heavy mucus which is brought up through your lungs. When your bronchitis gets worse, your coughing gets to be more serious and may develop huge amounts of mucus. In the course of a flare-up, affected individuals can get an intense coughing that may continue all through the day and night, disturbing their sleep. Any person having a consistent mucus-producing coughing may easily get chronic bronchitis.

Trouble Breathing

Trouble breathing is usually one of the chronic bronchitis symptoms. The soreness inside the lungs linked to bronchitis limits airways, which makes it hard to obtain sufficient oxygen. This could leave a feeling of shortness of breath. Difficulty breathing can result in a person to become exhausted right after minor actions. Airway constraint may possibly bring about wheezing, that is a sound created by a number of affected individuals whenever they inhale and exhale.

Poor Immune System

Individuals having this disease normally have a higher chance of getting consistent lung infections. An extreme cough which causes too much mucus that is greenish or yellowish in color shows that a person possesses an infection together with their persistent bronchitis. Antibiotics are not able to get rid of it but they could be useful to cure and acquire relief from an associated respiratory infection.

Heart Complications

Although not well-known, certain coronary diseases may also be an indication that the person has continual respiratory disease. Pulmonary hypertension as well as high blood pressure within the lungs can produce constricting blood veins which usually go with advanced conditions of chronic bronchitis. Because of this, the right part of your heart could subsequently become overstressed, making the patient susceptible to heart failure. Individuals experiencing chest pains must be brought to the doctor immediately because this is one of the symptoms which could be fatal.

The most prevalent root cause of chronic bronchitis symptoms is smoking cigarettes or tobacco. Smoking destroys the cilia, hair-like cells which cover the airways, which prevent bacteria from getting into your lungs. External toxins are yet another frequent reason for this condition. To avoid getting any kind of respiratory ailment such as bronchitis, live a healthy lifestyle and refrain from breathing in polluted air.