4 Home Remedies to Treat Insomnia, Safely

Natural Remedies to treat insomnia are usually considered to be the best options for reversing this common ailment. This ailment is a sleep disorder that is affecting a large section of the population. Not having a good night rest can be very taxing on the body. Individuals who are not able to get a good night rest are usually tired during the day and if they have to work, may see a drop in their performance and productivity during the day, and may even suffer from anxiety.

The good news however is that there are many natural treatments for insomnia and other related disorders. As previously indicated, natural remedies have proven to be very effective and are used by many individuals who have sleeping disorders.

Retire to bed on time and at the same time nightly.

Condition your mind and body to go to bed at exactly the same time every night without fail. Set a reminder or an alarm clock for going to bed if you have to. Experts have proven that mental and physical condition is one of the best remedies to treat insomnia. This type of conditioning will help your body to establish a rhythm and as your body allow itself to go into a routine, it slows down automatically as the time comes to prepare to rest at nights.

Waking early at the same time every morning.

An early rise from bed has to form part of the early to bed routine. If it is too difficult to get out of bed at a set time, then use an alarm clock or ask a family member to assist you. When the alarm goes off, do not press snooze, wake up and get going with the exercise. Yes, the morning exercise after you wake up is also an excellent related remedy.

Exercise and meditation

Exercise should be an integral part of you overall health management routine or plan. Releasing tension during the day will make you rest well at nights. Exercise and meditation will help in decreasing your tension and stress levels. You need to spend your stored energies to avoid tossing and turning at nights, and also so that you will not feel tired the next day so much so you find it difficult to wake when the alarm goes off. It is a cycle and if you do not lapse in certain areas you are bound to feel the pressure in other areas. You have to exercise, rest well and wake early. Although exercise is good, try not to perform any exercise 2-3 hours before bed. This can be counter productive and actually prevent you from sleeping.

Drinking herbal teas at night

Even if you do not suffer from lack of sleep, it is wise to develop a habit of consuming herbal cup of tea at nights. This will relax you so that you rest well. It will also prevent the chances of you developing a other related disorders. For mild insomnia, Teas made from lemon balm and passionflower, and for chronic insomnia valerian, hops, and kava. Although all these herbs are good to help the body calm down to a restful state, you should not rely on them indefinitely, and do not depend on them to rectify the root cause of the sleep disturbance. For Anxiety and Depression related insomnia, St. John's wort has proven to be the best herb. It will not provide immediate relief, but as with all herbs, it will take its time to work on your body before you see results.

These four easy and inexpensive methods are the best home remedies to treat insomnia. They are safe an non-evasive, but they work very slowly. There are faster ways which are also natural, but these require the use of standardize herbal extract, which are contained in many herbal products.