4 Easy Steps to Prevent and Treat Pet Urinary Stones

Pet urinary stones, like urinary tract infections, are fairly common. Female pets get them more often than males and smaller breeds are more susceptible than large breads. As you may know, bladder stones can be quite painful. By reading this article, you'll learn 4 ways to prevent and treat bladder stones.

Pet's Urinary Stones – Definition and the Cause

Urinary stones, bladder stones and struvite crystals are different names for the same condition. Made up of minerals (ammonium urate, struvite, cystine calculi and calcium oxalate) that build up in the urethra and block it, they are making urination difficult and painful for your pet. Since urination is one of the important ways the body gets rid of toxins, this is a condition that must be addressed immediately. As you can guess, untreated pet urinary stones can lead to more serious complications.

If you suspect your pet has bladder stones, take her to the vet for a diagnosis. The type of bladder stone dictates the treatment. If your pet has struvite bladder stones, then you are in luck because you can easily treat this condition with diet and natural remedies. Struvite bladder stones dissolve as you take the steps to make your dog's bladder system more acidic. For treatment of other types of stones, consult with your vet.

If your pet has struvite bladder stones, start treatment immediately, but also keep your pet on a prevention program after the stones have dissolved because once your pet has suffered with pet's urinary stones, she is more susceptible to recurring issues.

4 Steps to Treat and Prevent Pet Urinary Stones

  • Make sure you give your dog food that is free of chemicals, preservatives and fillers. Read labels until you find a brand that meets these guidelines and that your dog enjoys. Processed food is just as unhealthy for dogs as it is for humans. Healthy, nutrient-dense food promotes a healthy bladder.
  • Make sure your dog can drink as much fresh, clean water as needed.
  • Make sure your dog has access to the yard. Holding urine can lead to pet urinary tract infections, bladder stones and other serious complications. If you need to, hire a dog walker or install a doggie door.
  • Get your dog a natural remedy to support bladder health. These supplements are strong enough to eliminate infections and dissolve pet's urinary stones, yet gentle enough to use every day for prevention.

So there you have it-four simple steps to treat pet urinary stones and prevent them from recycling. It's important to note that the last step, giving your pet a natural remedy is a key component to supporting bladder health, particularly for pets with recurring problems. By finding a good supplement and giving it daily, your pet's bladder issues should disappear completely.

If you have not given your pet natural supplements for pet urinary stones before, you should know that not all supplements are created equal. When recommending a natural remedy, I advise three important things: look for a remedy that comes in granule form and is easy to administrator (you just drop some granules in your pet's mouth or sprinkle on top of food), look for a company that stands behind their product with a money-back guarantee and find a supplement that has ingredients like staphysagris, cantharsis and berberis, which are proven to treat and prevent pet urinary stones of the struvite variety and urinary infections as well.

In conclusion, you can easily treat and prevent pet's urinary stones by following this simple program. After your pet has recovered, remember that prevention is the key to health.