4 Common Side Effects Of Hcg Shots

If you choose to take injections instead of oral HCG, you should be aware that there are some common side effects. If you experience any of these symptoms, you may want to consider switching from HCG shots to the homeopathic drops, which are gentler and have no reported negative side effects.

1.    Headaches

Search any HCG diet forum and you will see right away–several dieters who are taking injections have reported headaches. For some, the intensity of the headaches makes it difficult to function. For others, the headaches are simply an annoyance. However, this does seem to be the most common of all injectable hormone side effects.

2.    Irritability

Irritability is another common side effect, and it may be due to the low-calorie diet that is a part of the program. For people who are taking injections and experiencing a lot of irritability, switching to the drops may help this symptom abate. One recent study showed that dieters who made the switch felt fewer hunger pains between meals and higher energy levels than before. Making the switch may help you burn excess fat more efficiently, making you feel fuller and keeping you from feeling irritable.

3.    Restlessness

Another common side effect is restlessness, which can keep you from enjoying your down time and even from sleeping at night. Since exercise is forbidden on the diet program and exercise can help curb the symptoms of restlessness, you will need to find another way to treat this issue. You may want to switch to the oral drops, which contain a mixture of supplements, specially crafted to even out your energy level.

4.    Fatigue

The flip side of restlessness is fatigue. If you aren’t sleeping well or feel constantly agitated due to the injections, then you will start to feel fatigue as well. Some studies have shown that the homeopathic drops make a good alternative in this case as well, as they promote a kind of natural energy high that comes from burning excess fat.

You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the following after an injection:

  • An allergic reaction that includes difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the lips or tongue, or difficulty swallowing;
  • Confusion or severe dizziness;
  • Pain, tingling, or warmth in your extremities;
  • Severe headache

Many people who are afraid of adverse side effects opt for the drops instead of injections. The drops have virtually no reported side effects. Since the dosage of the hormone is small but potent in these drops, any unexpected negative side effects would be much more easily managed, as well.