4 Awesome Techniques to Cure Approach Anxiety

This short lesson shows you four secrets that will help you cure your approach anxiety. The article will help you overcome your fear of approaching women in 30 days or less.

Technique Number One – Observe the Three Second Rule. This happens to be an incredibly easy rule. Right when you notice an attractive woman, you’ve got to approach the girl within three seconds. Thats it. thats the rule. The more you stall, the greater the amount of approach anxiety you get. So if you don’t want approach anxiety to swell up, you should be approaching any hot woman you see within 3 seconds. you will not have enough time to convince yourself not to! Also, you could probably scare the girl because she’ll notice you “hovering” around her as you’re working up the balls to approach. Really attempt to approach or go up to a hot girl the moment after you first notice her.

Technique Number Two – Walk Up to Hot Girls. You don’t even have to say a word! Just make a habit of walking towards a hot girl like you’re going to approach her and say something. You’ll eventually train your brain to destroy your approach anxiety as you are approaching an attractive woman. The more you do this the more your fear of approaching hot women will go away. Do this over and over again!

Technique Number Three – Warm Up Sets. Before you start approaching girls, make sure to do at least three warm up approaches. Approach anyone you don’t know and ask for directions. Just say a little hello to any random person that walks by you. Ask an old lady for directions to the zoo. Whatever. Work yourself into a conversational mood & become cool with going up to people you don’t know before you begin to approach hot girls. Completing these warm up sets is a sure way to decreasing the level of your approach anxiety.

Technique Number Four – Just Breathe. You really must be calm when you approach women. Before any approach, take a deep, slow breath and do your best to be calm and relax. Calming yourself down will go a long way towards curing your approach anxiety.