3 Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide As Toenail Fungus Remedy

Hydrogen peroxide is more often than not an essential item in first aid boxes but it is also a home toenail fungus remedy. In nature, prostaglandins, lipid groups that are needed in performing bodily functions like fighting infections are produced by stimulation of fatty acids via natural peroxide in vitamin C. Freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables contain natural hydrogen peroxide. Applied as a toenail fungus remedy, the three percent solution that’s sold over the counter is used.

Mixing it with vinegar to make peracetic acid, an alternate solution with vinegar and as an antiseptic base for other antifungal solutions, are three techniques of using hydrogen peroxide as toenail fungus remedy. Peracetic acid, a mixture of vinegar and peroxide is a corrosive substance that is used to disinfect tiles and floors. A potent anti fungal solution, the effects on growing nail and skin should be considered since it is a caustic chemical. As an alternate solution with vinegar, it is employed as a soak or applied pure with a dropper on interchanging days. The last technique of peroxide as toenail fungus remedy is applying the antiseptic solution purging as much of the infection as possible then applying a second topical solution such as tea tree oil or other anti fungal cures. It takes at least six weeks to six months of treatment on all techniques.

Success on hydrogen peroxide toenail fungus remedy depends on strictly following treatment schedule and duration of soaks. Treating your nail fungal infection with it is still a gamble, since there are no studies proving it is effective against the fungi.

Treating with hydrogen peroxide toenail fungus remedy is inexpensive, one of its advantages, but the cost of time consumed in soaking and preparing, not to mention the fact that missing a treatment could mean new fungal growth. Instant success is not possible at any treatment but instead of the inconvenient soaks and damaging nail and skin with peracetic acid, try a natural toenail fungus remedy that can cure and not as time consuming. In natural antifungal remedies, undecylenic acid is the active ingredient, a straight chained fatty acid that is clinically confirmed to possess antifungal qualities. Lavender, jojoba and lemongrass oils are essential oils present in this natural cure that contain conditioning and preserving qualities that aids nails in getting back to health. Choose natural and convenience in a bottle, instead of going through the processes that are discouraging and may lead to failure.