3 Ways to Increase Semen Volume Naturally


Increasing semen volume not only provides a thrust to male fertility by improving the sperm count but also helps increase pleasure on ejaculation. This is largely because a larger volume of semen requires stronger contractions to release it on ejaculation which help intensify pleasure.

Moreover, women also tend to consider men who produce more semen as more virile and potent. No wonder, semen volume is being seen as a measure of your manhood.

Here are 3 Natural Ways to Increase Your Semen Volume:

Increase Semen with Certain foods

There are some foods that are known to enhance semen volume in men. Semen is composed of a combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals and body fluids. Foods such as celery, oysters, pumpkin and sunflower seeds can do wonders for your semen production.

Not only this, green barley which is a young shoot of the barley plant can also be a great help. It is highly rich in nutrients.

Moreover, there are certain foods that are rich in zinc. They are extremely important for the production of testosterone and semen. Low testosterone levels not only result in reduced libido but also affects semen volume and sperm count. It is important to note that almost 70% of the zinc in your body is contained in your semen. It is but obvious that you lose it on ejaculation and hence it becomes important to replenish it with your diet.

Foods that are rich in zinc include shellfish like oysters, animal protein like lamb, beef etc., dairy. poultry products etc.,

Include EFA’s in your Diet and have Plenty of Water

Essential fatty acids are also extremely important for semen production since a fat deficient diet results in low testosterone levels. Moreover, dehydration also leads to reduced semen volume. Hence, it is important to have at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Not only does it help increase semen volume but also rids your body of harmful toxins.

Natural or Herbal Supplements

Finally, it is important to take some natural or herbal supplement. It is not possible to stick to a diet that can help increase semen largely due to our lifestyle. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take some supplements that can ensure increase semen production and overall improved sexual function.

Natural semen enhancers are prepared with a potent mix of time tested herbs and other nutrients that not only increase semen volume but also ensure rock hard erections, increased sex drive and improved ejaculatory control. Over and above, there are some high quality supplements that are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.