3 Ways to Get Taller – Generating Cartilage Thickness For Adults

Gaining an extra few inches in height can really change peoples lives. In fact, height gives a person a commanding social power that cannot be gotten any other way. Although a friend of mine used to stuff an inch of toilet paper into the heels of his sneakers each and every day, and claimed it was fairly comfortable and effective, there are more permanent ways. In this article we explore them.

1 – Cartilage

Apart from femur bone length and torso length, the one way to increase height naturally even after puberty when your natural height reaches its limit, is to increase the health, density and thickness of cartilage. The spine contains over 20 vertebrae and each disc is made from cartilage. Add just a few millimeters to each disc in thickness and it can add up to inches in vertical height. You can do this with diet.

2 – Posture

This may seem too obvious, but you will be surprised to hear people who perceive themselves as short are actually a fair height. Add the thickness of their shoe soles and their height is normal to above average but they crouch their back and lower their head as a natural response in daily life and fail to feel the full power of their stature. This is definitely one sure way to get taller, simply by standing straight and tall with shoulders back and head tilted naturally but up higher. Picture an imaginary thread going from the top of your head straight down to the ground. Try it, you may be amazed!

3 – Surgery

Not recommended, well for me anyway, I am squeamish about the idea of my legs being surgically sliced completely at the shin bone…OUCH! But for some, this may seem like a good option. Of course its expensive and without even having to say so, its painful for many months, but is a permanent and effective solution to gain a few inches.