3 Very Effective and Very Natural Remedies For Stomach Acid Reflux

Having stomach acid reflux is never an easy thing. Known as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, this condition usually brings about chronic bouts of chest pains, dysphagia (problems when swallowing,) excessive salivation, food regurgitation, nausea or vomiting, odynophagia (pain when swallowing,) and even heartburn-like symptoms in adults. Unfortunately, GERD also presents itself in infants and children under the age of 12. The most common pediatric GERD symptoms include: bad breath, coughing, failure to gain adequate weight, refusing food and drink, repetitive belching or burping in the absence of food, and one or more forms of respiratory problems.

Although there is still no cure for stomach acid reflux, there are safe, natural and effective home remedies that a person can try to ease some of its symptoms, like:

1. Regularly taking apple cider vinegar after every meal. Although it may sound counterintuitive, apple cider vinegar helps speed up digestion by making the food in the stomach easier to digest. This helps the acids in the digestive system to actually settle down. Regularly taking one teaspoon of apple cider mixed with ½ glass of water (with or without sugar or honey) after every meal makes a person with GERD less prone to heartburn, excessive salivation and food regurgitation. It also helps lessen bad breath and repetitive belching in very young children.

2. Regularly taking ginger tea with every meal. Ginger has amazing calming benefits when it comes to GERD. This may help lessen the instances of dysphagia and odynophagia in adults, and repetitive belching in children. Simply boil slices of freshly peeled ginger roots in 4 cups of water and strain. Add honey or sugar to taste.

A good alternative to this would be to buy powdered ginger tea. Mix one teaspoon with hot water when needed.

3. Drinking anise and lavender tea to ease the symptoms of heartburn. Anise and lavender seeds contain several compounds that encourage the stomach muscles to relax. This makes it easier for food to be digested and lessens the instances of unwanted gas buildup in the stomach. This in turn, helps lessen or eliminate painful heartburns.