3 Unique Methods Proven to Increase Hair Growth

There are a lot of different products on the market out there that supposedly claim to make your hair grow back. Well as you can imagine most of them are nothing but gimmicky products aimed to take your money. If you want to truly increase hair growth without spending a dime on these things, you can do it.

Let’s look at a few proven methods to generate hair growth with ease. First and foremost you need to ensure that you’re getting ample blood supplies to your follicle roots. Why is this important? Well your follicles thrive off of getting nutrients from your blood.

You can liken them much to the way plants soak in water to grow. Without a good amount of blood passing through your follicles, it’s nearly impossible for them to grow the way they should. Scalp massage with a few drops of essential oils to the scalp can help to stimulate blood circulation instantaneously.

Besides ensuring that your have proper circulation within your scalp, another thing to pay attention to is your diet. Most people forget about this totally when dealing with hair loss, and they pay for it later on. Now you don’t have to get on some type of extreme dieting or anything like that. However you should eat foods that your hair craves.

Certain nutrients are known to trigger increases in hair growth without you having to do much work. For example sulphur found in onions and garlic provides your hair with the power to thicken. Even herbs like saw palmetto and green tea have hair stimulating effects.