3 Tips For Healthy Breakup Recovery

Getting over a breakup is a serious undertaking, and doing it alone can feel all but impossible. When I went through a pretty bad one recently, I had my mother to talk to and help me out in getting over the hurt … but not everyone has someone like that so I'm going to try to do for you what my mother Did for me, with 3 pieces of advice for getting through this time.

First piece of advice: Do not just sit around in your house feeling bad. My mother encouraged me to get out of my apartment and have some fun, even inviting me to my parents' place for a little family get-together. Whoever you have that you can spend time with, go to them and just enjoy their company … having someone there for you will make a lot of the pain more bearable.

Second piece of advice: Try to meet somebody new! Somebody you've seen around at work or class, but you never got to know them and you'd like to … now's the time to give it a try! You can try going on a date or two, but it does not even have to be THAT serious … just spend a little time with a fresh face to remind yourself that it's a big world and you can be happy wherever you're With your ex or not.

Third piece of advice: Keep your place in shape! This may seem like an odd tip for getting over a breakup, but the truth is that losing yourself in an hour or two of straightening up and cleaning your house (I like listening to music while I do it) will help to distract you from the Loneliness, and a clean house always makes you feel better than surroundings that have been "let go" too long.