3 steps in helping to reduce repetitive anxious thoughts

Your standing the conference room with all your peers looking at you as your about to give your big presentation.  You were so confident that you were going to nail this, you’ve prepared for weeks.  Then you start thinking “I’m going to mess this up and fail big time”.  It is fair to say that people do have an inclination to think a certain way and have repetitive thoughts about events or situations that bring on anxiety.  The thoughts can be so repetitive that they mess up your ability to finish tasks, thus creating more anxiety and panic within us.  This type of thinking can become a terrible cycle that can be very difficult to undo. 

So how can people that suffer from repetitive anxious thoughts eliminate the intensity of the thought? 

1)      An anxious thought enters your mind and whatever the thought, the sequence of feelings is always the same.

  • The anxious thought comes in and you instantly react with fear.
  • The fear you just felt sends a shock through your nervous system to the pit of your stomach.
  • The reaction you’re having within your body makes you think of the thought over and over.
  • The stronger the thoughts become the more your mind and body start to lose control completely.

2)      You start to question the thoughts, sometimes for an entire day.  The more you think about the thoughts the harder it seems for them to go away.

  • Why am I thinking about these thoughts?
  • Why can’t I get this feeling to go away?

3)      How do you start to eliminate the unwanted anxious thoughts?

  • Don’t force the thoughts away, this is very important.
  • Allow the thought to come in, the more comfortable you are with them the better.
  • The thoughts will not go away fully, but you can change the way you react to them.
  • When you become able to change your anxious thoughts the more free you become of them.

The most important thing to remember is everyone, and I mean everyone has anxious thoughts.  Most people as they have the anxious thought usually just think their just crazy thoughts and push them out of their mind immediately.  They see it for what it truly is a fleeting anxious thought and they just ignore it.  To people who have anxiety the anxious thought fuels out of control thoughts.  Choosing how to react to your anxious thoughts are key for reducing anxiety. 

Try to observe the thought you are having and then label it.  By labeling the thought you are calling out were the thought is coming from, as in fear.  Next, watch how the thought passes through your mind and don’t judge the thought just watch it.  Finally move your focus on to whatever you were doing when the thought came into your mind.

Anxious thoughts are hard to deal with especially for the already anxiety ridden person dealing with them.  Just like anything else in life it takes practice and patience with any new thing we learn, yes even techniques on reducing repetitive anxious thoughts.  If you would like to take a more in-depth look at these and other techniques you can follow this link http://anxietypanic.weebly.com.