3 Sneaky Tricks to Make a Woman Swoon and Squirm With Orgasmic Pleasure in Bed – Guaranteed!


#1. Concentrate on shallow penetration: you may think that deep penetration is arousing to your partner, but it is a myth. Here’s why: the most sensitive nerve endings and G spot are located just less than four inches away from vaginal opening. Another female pleasure spot, the clitoris, is located near outer vaginal lips. Thus, you don’t have to go deep inside to satisfy her. Instead, keep thrusting slow, hard and near to the vaginal opening.

Hot Tip: during foreplay, use the tip of the penis to tease the clitoris It is a surefire way to build up her sensation and push her over the edge.

#2. G-spot stimulation: slow and intense stimulation on G-spot will usually result in powerful orgasms that can shake mountains. Here’s how: slide your finger into the front wall of vagina to locate a bean-like, bumpy spot which is the G spot. It should feel rough compare to the rest of the areas. Then, stroke your fingers towards your palm and stroke the G-spot in “come here” motion. Start with slow and gentle stroke, and then gradually increase the intensity. Experiment with different degrees of pressure and angle until she achieves the big “O”.

#3. Increase penis girth: If anyone tells you size doesn’t matter, he or she must be lying! A powerful male anatomy makes it easier for your partner to climax while making love. Specifically, it is the width that matters most as a thick member gives a woman greater sexual satisfaction. According to Russell Eisenman’s research, over 50% said that width is more important. (Source: About.com)

If your manhood does not measure up, you ought to do something before your partner seeks comfort elsewhere. The best non surgical to add inches to thickness of penis is by exercising the penis regularly. When done correctly, it can add up to 3 inches to your size. Additionally, it can help you to last longer in sex. Remember though: you should dedicate at least 6 minutes a day to practice the exercise.