3 Secrets to Healing Your Sinus Problems


Tell chronic sinus problems good-by. You’ve had it with that vicious cycle of one antibiotic after another that only leaves your sinuses set up for another infection and more misery. Discover the hidden causes of sinusitis and you’re well on your way to overcoming those miserable sinus problems.

Are you ready to break out of this vicious cycle? Are you willing to look at the hidden causes of your sinus problems instead of just treating the symptoms?

In over 25 years of treating and counseling patients in the holistic, natural approach of dealing with chronic health issues like sinus problems, I have found these 3 main mysterious culprits behind most chronic health problems:

Poor nutrition leading to toxic tissues and nutritional deficiencies


Overgrowth of unfriendly organisms in the affected tissues (dysbiosis)

Let’s look at each of these culprits.

Nutrition problems:

Most of us have become more aware of the lack of nutritional quality in many of the products in our supply of food. Basically, any kind of processing of food devitalizes it and makes it into “death food”. Unfortunately we die a slow painful death when we’re so deceived that we eat this death food. This damaged tissue may go undetected until a very significant disease develops.

Sinuses are tissues fed by what we choose to put in our mouths. Processed, sugary food, made with bad fats, does not nourish us and actually makes our tissues toxic. The body cannot build and repair itself with poor building materials.

So I congratulate you on your quest to heal your sinuses. Eat fresh whole foods, emphasizing more vegetables in your meals, whole grains and good sources of protein. If unfriendly organisms have not gained a foot hold in your sinuses or other parts of your body, then you may be able to also include two small servings of fresh, whole fruit and some nuts and seeds in your healthy eating plan.

Toxicity problems:

Unfortunately most folks have no idea about how much toxicity has accumulated in their tissues. With all of the air, water and food pollution, we gradually build up toxic metals and chemicals in our bodies. However, detecting the level of toxicity can be difficult, so even doctors in general do not know how to detect the level of toxins in the tissues.

Our blood quickly dumps toxic substances into our tissues to keep them from accumulating in the vital organs. Therefore, blood tests do not reveal the toxins. So it sticks lead in the bones, or mercury in the brain or sinuses or heart. And the other toxic metals (cadmium, nickel and aluminum) get stuck in the organs too along with toxic chemicals.

Anyone who has ever smoked or lived with a smoker has filtered a tremendous load of toxic metals and very toxic chemicals out through their sinuses. Obviously, a smoker must stop smoking if s/he ever expects to heal those poor overloaded sinuses.

Chlorella, an alga, helps remove toxins from the tissues. You can find it at health food stores.

Chelation removes heavy metals faster. Consult a health care practitioner well versed in heavy metal detoxification to help you dump your toxic load faster.

Unfriendly Organisms:

When our tissues become a toxic dump from poor nutrition and toxic metal and chemical accumulation, the unfriendly organisms overgrow like crazy. Then every time you have to take an antibiotic for another “sinus infection”, it kills off more of the good guys that hold the unfriendly guys in check. Consequently the dysbiosis (imbalance in organisms in the sinuses or other parts of the body) gets even worse.

Want to break out of this vicious cycle?

Then stop feeding the bad guys. They love sugary food and other junk food. Eat healthy meat, vegetables and non-gluten grains to starve these guys out. Eat the healthy organisms known as probiotics. Those bad critters flee from healthy tissues.

To understand more about dysbiosis, review information about Candida or candidiasis, the yeast that overgrows in these toxic situations. Actually, it’s a myriad of yeast and unfriendly organisms that overgrow, but the emphasis in the literature has been directed at Candida. That’s OK because the healthy things that you do to get rid of Candida helps get rid of the other bad guys too.

By the way, the Candida problems may not clear up until you detoxify the heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Find a health care practitioner well versed in toxicity and dysbiosis. S/he can help you with these two stubborn issues that may be keeping your sinus problems from healing.

As you implement healthy eating habits and get rid of the toxins and unfriendly critters, you will be delighted that your overall health, energy and joy of living will improve along with clearing your sinus problems.