3 Secret Tips to Grow Chest Hair

Do you ever want to feel manly and strong? Have you ever wished that you body can look more mature and masculine? Do you want to impress girls with your muscles and features? If you do, then having hair on your chest will make you look manly and strong. In fact, in some countries, guys who have chest hair is a sign of a person who is strong mentally and physically. These guys have a higher chance of getting a lot of girls! So here are 3 secret tips to grow chest hair!

1.Eat more beef!

If you eat a lot of beef, you can increase the amount of hair in your chest. This is because beef contains a lot of protein which is important for hair growth. Hair is basically made out of protein. If you increase the amount of protein, you increase the amount of hair in your body.

2. Shave your chest everyday

Shaving your chest everyday helps to stimulate hair growth. Even if you don’t have any hair there at all, still shave your hair. The friction on your skin will help the follicles and roots of your hair to sprout out!

3. Massage olive oil vigorously

Massaging olive oil to your chest will help stimulate hair growth. This is because olive oil helps to open the pores in your skin when you massage olive oil vigorously into your skin and it also helps stimulate hair growth. In your body, your hair produces natural oils to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy. Olive oil performs in a similar way.